lorlea login: Password: Last login: Mon Apr 20 04:20:42 2020 from portable.cyllos.dev cyllos@lorlea ~ # Cybersecurity and privacy technology are my favourites. I have been working with them since 2014, and continue to learn more about them everyday. I resolve cybersecurity issues for a living and have started my own small cyberbusiness in 2020. In my free time you can find me listening to music and working on projects. I love a good rave or some time with friends & family, camping in the wild without any tech nearby and enjoying good vibes. I'm an active member of local youth and cultural organisations and love to organise events myself. Like everyone working with computers I have tons of projects. Some of these projects are actively used by the online community and are listed below. cyllos@lorlea ~ # If you ever feel the need to reach out to me, don't hesitate and contact me on me[at]cyllos.dev [276FDD93]. cyllos@lorlea ~ # [ { "name" : "grepolis map enhancer", "url" : "https://gme.cyllos.dev", "total_server_queries" : ..., "objects_tracked" : ..., "description" : "A script designed to add different enhancements to the online game Grepolis. The script adds player tags on the map, displays inactive players, allows custom tagging of cities, alliance synchronisation and more. End-to-end encrypted tagging keeps the privacy of users safe without compromising alliance secrets." }, { "name" : "gridcoin.network", "url" : "https://gridcoin.network", "total_server_queries" : ..., "current_node_connections" : ..., "description" : "An independent gridcoin block explorer. Designed when there were many forks in the gridcoin blockchain, to inform people if they were on the right fork or not. The public gridcoin node itself is currently connected to ... different gridcoin users, to help them sync and to secure the network." } ]
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sk-ssh-ed25519@openssh.com AAAAGnNrLXNzaC1lZDI1NTE5QG9wZW5zc2guY29tAAAAIH21NedimTktblZEBgKmakMFVx5bHoPFgUUpM9PNqvJbAAAABHNzaDo= cyllos@portable cyllos@lorlea ~ # _